Males | Питомник абиссинских кошек "Petrovna"/ "Petrovna" abyssinian cattery




Date of birth  25.07.2018 Clear Sky af Khartoum + PETROVNA Miriam) Aragorn is not like anyone else, but those who know the history of Abyssinian…

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Pan Murieta Kroshkin Kot*BY or Murieta Second


Date of birth 07/19/2019 (PETROVNA Joaquin Murieta + PETROVNA Aksu) Murieta the Second, as you might guess, is the son of our Murieta the First,…

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PETROVNA Vasco de Gama


PETROVNA Vasco de Gama date of birth 30/11/ 2017 (Сh PETROVNA Tamerlan + Ch PETROVNA Cicilia) Vasco is from a big sorrel family, there were…

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Clear Sky af Khartoum (Denmark)

Clear Sky af Khartoum

date of birth 16/03/2012   reg CFA (Сh Herakles af Khartoum + Jess af Khartoum) Sky came to us from Denmark, from the “Khartoum” cattery, supporting…

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