Питомник абиссинских кошек "PETROVNA"/ "PETROVNA" abyssinian cattery

Welcome to PETROVNA cattery! 

I am Nadezhda Petrovna Bystritskaya, owner of PETROVNA cattery, and I am pleased to meet you to our website. Name of cattery is my second name, nothing more!

Abyssinian – the real magic cats in the world. Once first Abyssinian come to my home, my life became constantly changing, as in a fairy tale. Cats have changed my job, place of residence, have been taught to write books, forced to travel, and cats found new friends for me.

All this required a lot of work, but it’s beautiful and fun job – to be a breeder and judge, to be always with the cats and kittens. It is a great happiness – when my kid’s dreams come true, and I am eternally grateful to the Abyssinian cats for that!

Our cattery started in 2007, and immediately began to make a lot of serious breeder activities. I had University education in biology, and so my knowledge was in demand not only in the cattery, but also for an Education center in our club. I created a course of cat genetic, lectures was successful, and now I am “cat teacher” for novices.

I started my breeding as a hobby, but Abyssinian cats have decided that this should be my profession. After a while I became a judge student, and now I am the national judje by FARUS for several breeds. This is a very interesting way, which gives a lot of knowledge, experience, and I’m happy to continue their development.

At this point the PETROVNA cattery collected a lot of interesting lines of cats from different countries and continents. We have an open policy, exchange kittens with some respected catteries around the world and always look forward to working with people with a clear mind and an open heart. We like to visit shows too and always find new friends there!

Our kittens live in different cities and countries, some of them became show stars, some are favorite pets, but they share in one thing – each kitten from PETROVNA cattery brings happiness and joy to the house of the owner. Look at our graduates, and you can be sure – it is happy cats in happy families!

Our cattery registered in FARUS, TICA, CFA, some cats have CFA and FIFe registration.

Come in, please!

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