Kittens | Питомник абиссинских кошек "Petrovna"/ "Petrovna" abyssinian cattery


You are welcome! You can become the Abyssinian owner too!

Since we are interested about all of our kittens have lived a long and happy life, especially the owner must take care of the security of the kitten.

You need to install safety nets on the windows.

Abyssinians are very curious, and can jump out of the open window, which is often cause of their death.

You have to check the safety of electrical wires, because the kitten can start play with it and get emergency cause

Conditions for the transfer of the kitten nursery PETROVNA

1. Interview with owners

2. Installation of safety window nets

3. Contract. You must understand, if you buy a pet, this cat can not have kittens newer, and you must neutered it in future!

Kittens come to new home with a metric, a veterinary certificate, and vaccinated against infectious diseases twice. Rabies vaccination is done at the request of the future owner. All cats from our cattery are free from PK, PRA, FIV and FelV (tests are sending by request).

If you are a breeder, and are looking for a cat in your breeding program, you too can ask the cattery too.

But we rarely sell cats for breeding and do not give add about it. It will be better if you write a letter in which you tell about yourself, your plans for breeding and show career, then we can offer you something interesting in the future, if we have it, of course. We have nothing against the novice breeders, but always try ask referenses.

Cattery can refuse to any request without explaining our reasons.

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