PETROVNA Savely | Питомник абиссинских кошек "Petrovna"/ "Petrovna" abyssinian cattery


date of birth 08/06/2010

(Latin Lover af Khartoum + PETROVNA Miriam)

Out of breeding now. Savely is fire sorrel, slim and elegant young cat on high legs with a very long tail. This is a very sociable and curious cat, open character and gentle disposition. It likes to eat – which, however, does not affect its shape!

Show results:

FARUS, Moscow, 13.11.2011 – winner of the Abyssinian ring

FIFe, Moscow, 3-4.12. 2011 – Ex-1, Ex-1, nom BIS

Coownership with Marina Guseva.

(с) PETROVNA. Все материалы, представленные на сайте, если не указано иначе, принадлежат Надежде Быстрицкой, питомник абиссинских кошек PETROVNA, и охраняются авторским правом.
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