PETROVNA Cicilia | Питомник абиссинских кошек "Petrovna"/ "Petrovna" abyssinian cattery


date of birth 18.02.2016

( PETROVNA Injir + PETROVNA Cleopatra Lightsome)

Cilia is a very prominent, large and slender young cat. And her temper is kind, flexible and open. With age, her color is gaining brightly, and already after the birth of the first kittens Cilia is at full bloom. She is a wonderful mother – not every young cat is easily managed with five kittens, and when Klepa fell ill, Cilia had to adopt two more. And all seven looked great!

But this does not mean that Cilia s interests are limited to home. She dignity is held at shows, and always happy to attention.

Show results:

FARUS, 12/2016 – JCAC

FIFe, 12/2016 – Ex1

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