Callas aus Abusir or Marusia | Питомник абиссинских кошек "Petrovna"/ "Petrovna" abyssinian cattery

Callas aus Abusir or Marusia

(date of birth 17.05.2014, JW Bright Sky af Khartoum + Tara aus Abusir)
Marusia came to us from Germany by partner exchange between catteries, and it is something we do not outsiders. This wonderful kitty is relative to our dear Sky. It seldom happens that the cat from the outset became a member of the family – she immediately made friends with all the animals and people. Marusia is magic cat – from her magical eyes, soft coat, wonderful color, excellent head shape and soft, delicate character. In addition, she is blessed with a wonderful show temperament and is very playful.
Show results:

TICA, Moscow, 20-21.12.2014 – 4th kitten, 9 finals from 12, score 1803  Show report

TICA, Mocsow, 9-10.01.2014 -  Best Kitten, 9 finals from 10, score 1849  Show report




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